Sabre for Windows

Sabre for Windows 4.5

Sabre can generate over 50 different peals per second
4.5 (See all)

Sabre is a bellringing composition generation programme for Windows '95, '98, ME, XP & Vista.
Sabre will generate compositions for virtually all 8 bell methods, up to 40320 changes in length, in 1 to 6 parts.
Sabre uses a highly optimised algorithm which automatically checks for truth as well as giving rapid results, even with 'split tenor' and spliced compositions.
Sabre can generate over 50 different peals per second. (Using 3Ghz processor).
Each composition is output in the standard format which can be printed, copied or saved.
There is a wide range of options to generate a composition to suit your requirements - roll ups, specific music, 'All the work', method balance, etc.

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